What happens next?

The SchoolsPlus facilitator is invited to the school program planning team meetings as required.

The intensity of the response to a referral will depend upon the level of need identified at the time of referral. Sometimes this will mean a simple sharing of contact information to connect families with the services they need. At other times, the facilitator may organize a meeting with a number of service providers to create an action plan for a family. We call this action plan an individual comprehensive service plan.


Students may need a comprehensive service plan when:

  • a variety of services are being provided, but they still need further services for success
  • they have issues and barriers that may not fall under any traditional category of service from any agency
  • bureaucratic barriers prevent access to service
  • all available services and solutions have been exhausted, but creative and co-operative solutions must be developed
  • co-ordination of access to services is required for student success


The vision for SchoolsPlus is that schools become a convenient place for government and other community services to be delivered to families.